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Chanticleer dazzles with technique, harmony and diverse repertoire

Famed vocal ensemble Chanticleer wowed the audience at the Sept. 22 opening of the Harker Concert Series with its tremendous singing talents, memorable arrangements and incredible togetherness. Their theme for the evening’s repertoire was “Music of a Silent World,” which paid tribute to the natural world through songs that stretched across the world and time, with selections from Max Reger, Stephen Sondheim, Joni Mitchell and Majel Connery, whose song cycle, “The Rivers Are Our Brothers,” was performed in stages at the beginning of each phase of the concert.

To close the show, the group chose from a selection of its favorite arrangements, opting to perform the traditional “Shenandoah” and a stirring rendition of Tom Petty’s “Wildflowers.” Following a spectacular ovation, the ensemble returned for a rollicking version of Queen’s iconic arena anthem “Somebody to Love.”

As the audience poured out into the lobby of the Rothschild Performing Arts Center, members of Chanticleer signed autographs and posed for photos with the appreciative concertgoers.

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