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Upper school students receive high honors at Berkeley Math Tournament

On Nov. 4, more than 30 upper school students participated in the Berkeley Math Tournament, one of the largest student-run math competitions on the West Coast, with more than 2,000 contestants. The event is run by University of California at Berkeley students whose aim is to foster interest in mathematics and mathematical competition in middle and high school students. Several Harker students received distinctions in the event:

Shamik Khowala, grade 9: Fifth place in the General Test

Elaine Xu, grade 9: 10th place in the General Test

James Lin and Jessica Hu, both grade 10;  Christine Deng, Lily Peng, Heather Wang and Daniel Zhu, all grade 9: Distinguished Honorable Mention (Top 20%)

Katherine Wang, grade 10; Ryan Miao and Lucas Lum, grade 9: Honorable Mention (Top 50%)

Sophomores Aman Chandra, Caden Ruan, Terry Xie and Eddie Zhang; frosh Jonathan Li: Honorable Mention in Algebra (Top 50%)

Aarush Vailaya, grade 11; Cyrus Ghane, grade 10; Hengrui Liang  and Haofang Zhu, both grade 9: Distinguished Honorable Mention in Algebra (Top 20%)

Hengrui Liang: Eighth place in Algebra Test

Aarush Vailaya, Sylvia Chen, grade 9: Honorable Mention in Discrete Test

Neil Krishnan, grade 11: Distinguished Honorable Mention in Discrete Test

Aman Chandra, Sylvia Chen, Jaden Fu, sophomore Mihir Kotbagi, Caden Ruan, junior Aishani Singh,  Eddie Zhang, Neil Krishnan, Terry Xie, Haofang. Zhu: Honorable Mention in Geometry

Hengrui Liang: Distinguished Honorable Mention in Geometry

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