Upper School

Students take top spots in Stanford Math Tournament

Last month, a delegation of Harker students – Niel Krishnan and Aarush Vailaya, both juniors; sophomore James Lin; and grade 9 students Hengrui Liang, Heather Wang and Haofang Zhu – competed at the Stanford Math Tournament, which included more than 400 other entrants. In individual competition, Liang placed first in algebra and finished in the top 25% in geometry, while Wang took first place in the general test. Lin, Krishnan, Vailaya and Zhu were in the 25% of their respective individual tests. As a team, Harker took second place in the Power Round, which emphasizes proof writing. In the Guts Round, an 80-minute live-scored exam, Harker placed eighth. Harker’s team finished in fifth place overall.

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