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CareerConnect students visit Constellation business conference

This story was submitted by Anya Shah, grade 10.

Last month, Harker’s CareerConnect club took eight students to the second day of Constellation’s three-day business conference in Half Moon Bay, to help them better understand the effects of artificial intelligence on the business world. On Oct. 24, the participants heard discussions and presentations about the future of AI from industry professionals including Steve Lucas, CEO of Boomi.

Keynote speaker Byron Reese, a tech entrepreneur and recognized AI authority, spoke about the development of forms of intelligence and data storage leading up to artificial intelligence. He mentioned his unreleased book, “Agora,” and provided valuable insights on the future of the human race.

Overall, the trip was a success and provided inspiration for students interested in business. When asked what he wanted the students to gain from Connected Enterprise, R “Ray” Wang, Constellation’s founder and CEO, explained that he wished for all the students to “see what trends are happening and meet people.” He further elaborated that everyone at the conference was approachable and happy to give advice to the students. Sophomore Lily Shi found that she “learned a lot” from networking and realized that “we live in a bubble so it’s interesting to hear from people who are working in the real world.”

The trip proved to be a valuable experience for the attendees, with the eight attendees networking with new people and gaining a more comprehensive understanding of how AI affects the business world.

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